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Calendar reminder to all members: World FreQuency Championship 2016 (December 1st)
*CLOSED*Today (15th - 17th October) is the Final Day To Register Your Team for The Halo 5 FreQuency 4v4 Championships *CLOSED*
"Frequency Community Closed/Underground Till Further Notice" - stated by: FreQ Avail and FreQ Invictus
Gamenight Activity #901 - Hosted by FreQ|AvaiL (Activity Ended: 5th of August <11:59PM> AEST)

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Frequency Community Season 1 and Season 2 2018
Tournament Listings and Dates
Recently the communities involvement with Halo has declined due to the last set of
Armagetron Advanced HRS Shootouts and CS.Go Championships.
But in during the off season of Halo we did manage to have a few competitive tournaments.
Below are the lists of the upcoming tournaments for Season 1 and Season 2 of this year.

I understand they are not to many tournaments listed above compared to previous years
but it is a start, we will start to see a pick up in the population of the community and it's
engagement during the next 2 seasons (Season 3 and Season 4 of 2018)
Looking forward to see you guys on the battle field guys!


Frequency Community Awards 2016
Hey guy, so 2016 was an absolute blast. Sorry about the recent website troubles, we have just gotten to fix all the region locks.
None the less, without further ado here are the 2016 Community Awards and Annual Rankings Report. I know its still abit bland
and needs more info which I will be updating the next few days but as for now here is the main stuff.
Below is a wrap of the communities performance for 2016

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FreQuency Community Notifications

Hello and welcome to the Frequency (FreQs) Community Website.
This site is closely supported by the BKT and THF and is currently under construction.
The site has everything from top halo tournaments, to creative content such as montages and even tutorials to play like a BKT pro. Some forum boards/threads are only accessible to members and therefore guests need to register to the site to access these forums.

Please keep read over the forum rules and guidelines and try to keep all content Halo related.

Enjoy your stay,

Webmasters (Shash and Namakura)

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