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Basic Components That Are In Every Button Combo / Button Glitch

Hype Namakura
Hype Namakura
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Basic Components That Are In Every Button Combo / Button Glitch

Post by Hype Namakura on Mon Oct 24, 2016 6:27 pm

Basic Components that are the core of most Button Combo / Button Glitch
So due to popular request, I have decided to make a post that explains the basic components that are the backbone or the core of most button combos. The functionality of button combos is all dictated by a games "Action Timers". Every action, such as melee, throwing nades, reloading having timers that are binded by an animation. 

Most button combos are originally designed around a way to disrupt these "Action Timers" by either merging to inputs that do not over ride one other (That means you can press both actions at the same time with out one taking priority over the other). This can be seen a melee and switch weapons, you can press both buttons together and they will output a merged action animation.

Another popular way to go around "Action timers" is through simply over riding them through flooding the inputs with actions that do background calculations, something that does NOT affect the things like melee. For example D-pad Up on Halo 5 will cause for an action that PINGS your radar, although this does NOT affect you when you melee, for example if you melee or reload and you ping your radar, the PINGING OF YOUR RADAR does NOT affect or cancel your melee as its a background animation, which calls other classes of code. Although this may not do much, when spammed it does have an effect on how the game PROCESSES all inputs, everything will be SLIGHTLY STALLED as the game now has to do the calculations of pinging the radar and notify your team, whilst also doing all the actions you do with a melee, reload and switch weapons. This, in essence disrupts the Action Timers by stalling them allowing you to perform what are called "Action Breaks".

So before we get into what are "Action Breaks"  let's examine the 3 different button combos that exist today:

  • Offensive/Combative Button Combos
  • Defensive/Survival Button Combos
  • Wizard - Distruption Button Combos (Very Advanced)

Offensive / Combative Button Combos :

These are often used as an aggressive attack based playstyle, Most offensive combos are used to get an advantage by INFLICTING MORE DAMAGE to your opponent Over a SHORT period of time. 
Examples of Combative Button Combos are:

  • Quadshot - RRX -YY- RRX
  • BXR
  • BXB
  • Objective Nades . . .ect

Most Offensive / Combative Button Combos are "Time Dependant" which means pressing the inputs to the correct time is required, often there is a particular rhythm to successfully execute the button combo.

Defensive /Survival  Button Combos :

These are often used as more defensive based playstyle, Most defensive combos are used to get an advantage by REDUCING THE DMAGE RECEIVED from your opponent, Over a LONG period of time. 
Examples of Survival/Defensive Button Combos are:

  • Ty5's, Gandhi Hops
  • Melee and Nade Blocking
  • Other advanced blocking
  • Advanced Strafes. . . (Although this is not really based on button combos)

Most Defensive / Survival Button Combos are  NOT REALLY "Time Dependent" but more "RYTHM Dependent" which means pressing the inputs to the correct time is not neccessary, as long as you press them as fast as you can, often there is a particular rhythm to successfully execute the button combo. Some of these button combos work on different surfaces, different situations. . . (This will be further explained in Part 2)


X-Break: The X button can cancel the timers of animations, such as melee or grenades (off-host), enabling you to fire or melee sooner than you would normally. In Halo 2's code this was also commented as the "CANCEL" Button.
Y-Break: The Y button can cancel reloading, cancel melee animations, and, when used in a quick double sequence, it can enable you to open fire again sooner after reloading. Y-Breaks are also useful to GET OUT OF A FAILED button combo, for example if a players screws up their H2 Quadshot combo a QUICK YY switch swill get them out of the invisible reload animation that parses in the games engine and allows them to get BACK in the fight quicker.

B-Break: The B button can cancel the reload timer by meleeing and pressing X afterward.

L-Breaks: This is alternatively known as Nade breaks and is used to mask a reload input (mostly off-host), but apart from masking reload timers and inputs it works very well for bridging and melee combos (BOTH OFF and On Host).

OVERHEAT-Breaks:Overheated plasma weapons have extra abilities. After a weapon overheats, it will reset the timers for shooting, meleeing and grenading; this can be used to get quick sessions of double grenades.

OVERLOAD-Breaks:Overloads ALL input data and cache, that screws up the weapon ACTION TIMERS indefinately. Also use full for delaying Action Timers by flooding the game with back ground inputs that is "Calculation Intensive on the Game Engine." Examples of Overload - Breakers include:

  • Ty5ing
  • Gandhi Hopping (Manipulates the hitbox, isn't really a button combo)
  • Any other advanced combos

*I will be hosting a little tutorial session for all BKT members to  familiarize themselves with basic to intermediate button combos, please add "Hype Namakura" (My gamertag) or contact me on the site for more information. There is a calender event planned that will go for 3-4 days!

-Goodluck Guys!

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