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Performance Summary: Tournament of The FreQ's 2016 Championships



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Performance Summary: Tournament of The FreQ's 2016 Championships

Post by Yoku on Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:39 pm

Tournament of The FreQ's 2016 Summary
First of all I would like to thank every one who helped organize and run the tournament, The ability to run free tournaments for 5 years straight with such insane prize pools is truely amazing. On top of that the tournament was so smooth, no issues with brackets, qualifying games were matched up so much more fairly. The only negative would be the scheduled times, not every one knew every matches timing and the client kept crashing on occassion and we had so many people waiting for the slots. What I do commend was who was nK and Sparse who streamed the entire tournament on twitch for every one to see. Namakura had something like 400 viewers for certain matches and sparse around 100+ viewers. Which was amazing. I have always been asking for admins and higher ups to make a push for streaming as many matches and having some sort of rosters for any scheduled match up. 
Putting that aside, everything else was just amazing. The whole experience was phenomanal. I got to play with some amazing players who further improved my own skills. Who pushed me to my limits, and by the end of things made me a better player. 

From Round 1 itself the match ups were insane and by round 3 (championship rounds) I could truelly see the top of the top, and dear god it was such an honour to play against every one in that round. Just watching some of the top 250 pros even some new commers play and bring new things that i havent seen was spectacular. As for the FreQ matchups, those were just a once in a life time opportunity. Which leads me to my next topic of discussion...

Observing the skill gaps in the top echelon of players in Championship Rounds...
Watching and dissecting how the top tier players were moving and reacting in their respective games truely gave me a new perspective on how much is involved in a high level 1v1. There are so many finer intricacies that most people probably over looked and today im going to be breaking them down for you all.

Top Level Movement
Just from watching people move I could notice a lot of things, intermediate to semi-pro level players were using movement for one of three things;

  •  Getting from A - B in the fast possible route in the fastest possible time
  •  Quickest way of getting OUT of a fight
  •  Duking your opponents, with the occasional ninja attempt and trick jumps, like the fathom scuba jump.

Although this may be good for some people and more than sufficient to succeed in most 1v1's when it came to the higher level players (Your Top 250 Pros ect) they had so many other variables that they were constantly keeping into consideration in terms of movement.
Your top level pros, top 250 and even FreQuency members are focusing on:

  • Getting from A - B in the most efficient manner (Making sure they keep track of where their opponent is whilst also making sure that if they do happen to use a thrust slide boost the opponent wont be able to get the drop on them and they can use the thrust any more because they used it to get from point A - B the FASTEST, its all about when can i use it, when does it recharge all of which ties in to having your opponents next move in mind.
  • There is also a lot of mental processing thats involved such as, line of site manipulation, perspective advantages, inverse perspective advantages (having a perspective advantage when you are at a height DISADVANTAGE), wall glitches, deviation and mask nades (To mess with an opponent sound whoring, distract an enemy or cloud their judgement of where you are comming from with nades).
  • Advanced jumps: Velocity, Spring, Half, Jitter, Slide jumps, Mason jumps.
  • Advanced strafes: SK-Strafes, V-Strafes, Frightmare Strafes, Zen-Strafes, Jitter Strafes, Lag-Strafes (AND NOT ONLY KNOWING HOW TO USE IT BUT WHEN TO USE IT)
  • Intense aggressive plays through the use of movement, fake falls through wall guarding (give the illusion that some one has accidentally fallen from top mid, dummy glitches, quick clamber, nade jumps, fusion coil jumps, Sniping through fucking walls (Yes that was a thing thanks Invictus for giving us nightmares and soldifying why you are the king of movement), Counter Ground Pounds, Sparten Charge Blocks, Jitter surfaces....
  • Getting out of insane situations by other ridiculous strong siding with Thrust Slide Spring Jumps, Ty3ing or Ty5ing through a V-Strafe, PopShoting, THRUSTING TOWARDS and enemy One shot (just shows what crazy fuckers some of these people are)
  • Advanced ninjas, obviously by the means of any of the above methods...even through a Spring jump Ground Pound Stall....
  • The ability to force an enemy OUT of an ADVANTAGEOUS position through movement by purposely taking shots, or purposely making themselves weak so the enemy looks at them being one shot and has has to break away from his position (lets say he had top mid control) to chase after you who is one shot only to have given the top 250 player top mid control again. 

Now this is the differences from just one aspect of a Semi Pro vs Top 250 pros, you can see everything is more calculated and becomes a game of chess and identifying what will be the next move. Not to mention all of this will mostly be under high pressure situations. We will also start to bring things such as Strategic Timing, Spawn Knowledge, Tournament Presure / Composure, Consistency, Combos, Aim, Nade Placements and overall strategy....the list goes on.
Sean Tam
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Re: Performance Summary: Tournament of The FreQ's 2016 Championships

Post by Sean Tam on Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:36 am

Tags: @Yoku
Thing is this is 100% true, a lot of people take for granted how much thought and subliminal calculations and forces are being conveyed just through how they move. When you get to a Top 250 level of game play things like "Controlling Top Mid" doesnt matter, rockets, over shield, camo, these all barely matter. People like Provoke and Kara love giving their opponents TOP MID CONTROL because they dictate where they want them to move by their movement alone. Its so freaky just to think of it but thats what they are doing, go and look at their games its truely a work of art. Hats of for any one who made it past Round 3, I have such mad respect for every one of you who can play at that level and got to show us how they do so, it also sets the bar for what to expect from next generation of players and the new standard of 1v1's.

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Re: Performance Summary: Tournament of The FreQ's 2016 Championships

Post by FreQ Viola on Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:42 am

Tags: @Yoku @Sean Tam
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You guys hit the nail on the head, great post. 
Also Congratulations to Lycan, Provoke and Invictus for grinding it out in the championship rounds, and giving us one of the most spectacular games to watch. It was a privilege and an honor to see you guys play the way you did. 

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Re: Performance Summary: Tournament of The FreQ's 2016 Championships

Post by Sparseknot on Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:58 am

Where are all you haters now hmmmmm??!?
@Yoku - What you said was a great post, not many people understand the levels that entail a high level calculated gameplay none the less its fucking annoying when you have some arrogant fools who say "omfg why did FreQ Avail just give up his position when OS was about to spawn or why did he purposley nade him self" and then you have me in the corner like bitch shut the fuck up and watch, this is pure brilliance, a master class in calculated plays. 

As for the Tournament as a whole it was nothing short of brilliant. Fucking phenomenal.
@Invictus - Congratulations, you did it brother. No matter what no twat can take this from you.

Kara Wrecks
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Scorpio Horse
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Re: Performance Summary: Tournament of The FreQ's 2016 Championships

Post by Kara Wrecks on Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:29 am

The Tournament
What is also really admirable is his ability to switch up his level of game-play according to the situation. Keeps his composure and it is like he performs even better under pressure. His sniping has always been light years ahead in terms of variations of snipes and efficiency, what I mean when saying that is he knows what style/type of snipe to use in certain situations. Its not just a constant lightning snipe, its a such a huge mix, and he also can control his 10 sense profile very well. Doesn't peg the sticks all the way to the end with the BR or Pistol but with snipe he can rip it to the other side for a super fast snipe or even control it for a slow snap shot. Its beautiful, my favorite are his Cyclonic snipes, the level of confidence he must have to hit the snipe and keep swinging on knowing that what he just hit was purely the top of the head is phenomenal.

He knows what combo to do at the right time even though he is 100% combo intensive, for example he doesnt always chain up 3 shots after 3 shots, or even in halo 2 he rarely does Quadshots, just throws it in from time to time, his snipes, movement, timing, positioning speaks for itself, and he does from time to time throw in the craziest combos such as sniping him self through a wall and 180'ng me. Which was was definately unexpected. 
As for the tournament it was fantastic, so much talent despite all the games primarily consisting of Halo 5 it was a amazing tournament. I would like to thank all of the people who made this possible, this is will also unfortunately be my last tournament. So thanks every one who made it incredibly special you guys ROCK!
Impulse Tez
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Re: Performance Summary: Tournament of The FreQ's 2016 Championships

Post by Impulse Tez on Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:50 am

@FreQ Viola wrote:Tags: @Yoku @Sean Tam
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You guys hit the nail on the head, great post. 
Also Congratulations to Lycan, Provoke and Invictus for grinding it out in the championship rounds, and giving us one of the most spectacular games to watch. It was a privilege and an honor to see you guys play the way you did. 
Account got suspended yet again but ill try to put all of my matches on the archives and jestics youtube channel for other ranked people in the community to watch and learn, specially some of the things Yoku was talking about.
Also thanks every one who helped make this tourney possible, really appreciate the time you guys have taken.
The 4v4 championships was my favourite to be honest. So many exciting things, new sets being made and broken at the same time. WOOT!

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Re: Performance Summary: Tournament of The FreQ's 2016 Championships

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