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4v4 World FreQuency Championships 2016 Empty 4v4 World FreQuency Championships 2016

on Tue Dec 20, 2016 7:00 pm
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Tournament Of The FreQ's World (4 v.s 4)  HALO 5 Championships:
Event Recap!

   - The Championship Starts on December 1st / December 2nd with the 32 Team Knockout qualifiers, this helps knock out 32 teams from the 
     tournament bracket and helps filter the level of players that actually get to take part in the FreQ Tournament.
   - This is followed by the 1st round Qualifiers which will be addressed in Points rather than match wins.
   - After the 1st round you have the 2nd Round Qualifiers or the Post qualifiers (From this point onward all games will be registered as MATCH 
     wins and be part of the OFFICIAL FreQuency 4v4 World Championship Brackets.

Starts from December 1st and is Set to Finish on December 21st

  • Players will need to check in on the and add at least one of the following admins on the day: Hype Namakura or BadKittyCosplay

Game Type:

  • Slayer, Strong-Holds, Capture the Flag (CTF) , configured to the above settings and titled "4v4 Championship", gametype availiable on FreQ AvaiL's Halo 5 Shared files.


  • 32 Team Knockout Qualifiers- Truth, Plaza and Collesium 
  • 1st Round (Qualifiers)- Eden, Empire and Truth
  • 2nd Round (Post Qualifiers) - Tyrant, The Rig, Collesium
  • 3rd Round ( Pre-lims ) - Tyrant, Plaza, Collesium 
  • 3rd Round (Championship Rounds)  -  Fathom, Plaza, Collesium
  • Quarter Finals (Championship Rounds) - The Rig, Plaza, Collesium
  • Semi Finals (Championship Rounds) -  Truth, The Rig, Collesium, Plaza, Whitecell 
  • Finals (Championship Rounds) - Truth, The Rig, Eden, Collesium, Plaza, Fathom 

For More Information Please Click on This Link: 

Bracket info Click on This Link: 
GROUP STAGE:  http://freqs.challonge.com/2016_Championships_4v4/groups
FINAL STAGE:  http://freqs.challonge.com/2016_Championships_4v4
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4v4 World FreQuency Championships 2016 Empty Re: 4v4 World FreQuency Championships 2016

on Tue Dec 20, 2016 7:20 pm
Bracket info Click on This Link: 
GROUP STAGE:  http://freqs.challonge.com/2016_Championships_4v4/groups
FINAL STAGE:  http://freqs.challonge.com/2016_Championships_4v4

  FreQuency 4v4 World Championship Final Stage Brackets: 







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