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Temporarily Stepping Down From Team W5

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Libra Dog
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Temporarily Stepping Down From Team W5

Post by BedsideSheep on Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:55 pm

I have been in a little accident/injury Sad

So guys as you would know I was picked up by Team W5 to be their lead sniper and Center Bind. Due to a recent injury (I stacked a PVS on my skateboard) i have broken my right arm and will be stepping down as Team W5's Substitute, Gracie will be taking over my position until I get better. I should become better in 2-3 months. But if im not ready by the time gracie will be taking my spot as the starting 4 of our teams roster. I know it sucks for us all but best I can do right now is just get better. 

Since I have a broken arm, my gameplay will be nothing like it was. At this point i honestly think my 8 year old brother could beat me but being that as it is I will still try to play with my left from time to, but definately no competitve scrims nor tryhard games as my arm just cant cope. 

Once again this is just a quick update on W5's situation, and please if the admins could change the official team roster for the tournament so that they switch me and gracies positons. Thank you!

I will keep you guys in the loop!

-THF Sheep
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Scorpio Dog
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Re: Temporarily Stepping Down From Team W5

Post by BadKittyCosplay on Wed Oct 05, 2016 9:19 pm

Hopefully you get better, make sure you don't put too much stress on your other hand. The last thing you want is developing a RSI such as CTS. Trust me, the recovery time for something like Carpal Tunnel will be over 6 months. Just take a rest, sure everything should turn out much better in the coming weeks. If you really are serious and stubborn xD you can do a few activities with your injured hand, but very light excercises. Drink plenty of milk (up your calcium intake).

Just DO NOT put to much stress on your other hand by doing too many repetitve tasks and DO NOT put stress on your injured hand.
Also just a question but will you be coming to blackburn later this month or has your planned changed???


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Libra Pig
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Re: Temporarily Stepping Down From Team W5

Post by Katalyst on Wed Oct 05, 2016 9:46 pm

@BedsideSheep - "Fook my arm ye, I would beat all dem broke bums ye" - CM2016
                                         Sorry But I Had To, Hope you get better dude!

Also I agree with @FreQ BadKitty JW you need to let us know if you are coming to blackburn bar, really
need some sort of time frame.

Also I bet @Jason Dill would be having the time of his life after reading this post.

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Re: Temporarily Stepping Down From Team W5

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