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Team NOX vs Denial eSports Empty Team NOX vs Denial eSports

on Sun Oct 16, 2016 3:52 pm
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Congrats the members of Team NOX defeating Denial eSports, im sure you guys have a very bright future ahead of you in the world of competitive gaming, really proud how a newly formed BKT team is making such a spectacular entrance into the Halo 5 competitive scene.
I would also like to point out it is Frightmare PGL's birthday, a amazing captain for Nox Gaming. Wishing him a Happy Birthday!

Now with prelim scrims coming close it is imperative that everyone has a team by the end of today, ill be putting a massive announcement on the forums and more information on a separate post. Most people have allready registered their team for the FreQuency Halo Championships on June 19th 2016 but this is the FINAL call for any team who HAVE NOT registered. 

Once again, a spectacular game from the member of Nox. Can't wait to see more of you guys in the future.
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