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Accessing and Using the BKT Client through the Console!

H2V Fuze
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----------Master Knight----------

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Accessing and Using the BKT Client through the Console!

Post by H2V Fuze on Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:09 pm

What is the BKT Client and Console...

  • So the BKT Client is a small application used to bridge between the Xbox service and Classic Halos (Halo MCC) theatre mode. In doing so we have created an application that uses real time data of a ongoing match to be watchable. In other words you can we spectate a game like you would in Halo 5 for the classic Halos. Apart from that the console records alot of other stats with that match, such as: Accuracy, Average Time, Kills, Deaths, Assists, Overall KD Spread. All of these attributes are recorded within the client.

  • The client is for the user to choose who and which match of the tournament they want to spectate where as the console is the virtual user interface where by the match can be SEEN and is DISPLAYED! 

So essentially you have to download both the client and the console to navigate and watch/spectate these matches for the classic halos. 

"How do I get an account I can use to log in?"

Get a forum account on the main forums. Avoid fancy special characters in it. Your Global ID (GID) will then be "<your account name>@forums", without the quotes.

"Done! Now, how do I sign in?"

When on a server supporting authentication (almost all now), say "/login <your GID>". A prompt for your password will pop up shortly after, fill it in. No worries, it will be transmitted only as a cryptographic hash.

"Do I have to do that every time?"

No, there are several shortcuts. First, you can avoid typing your GID every time. In your player setup, there is a field rather at the bottom titled "Global ID". Put it in there. Then, you can authenticate either by just saying "/login" or via the "Authenticate" menu item in the ingame menu.

"That still works!"

Oh, all right. If you want to be authenticated all the time, go to your player setup again and activate "Auto Login". Then the login prompt comes up every time.

"But do I still need to enter my password every time?"

If you want to avoid typing your password every time, you need to instruct the client to store it for you. In the password entry dialog, there is a "Store Passwords" item, set that to "In memory" if you only want to be asked for your password once per session or "On disk" if you want it permanently stored in your user.cfg file. Obviously, the last option is risky: if someone gets hold of your user.cfg file, he can impersonate you.

"Which should I run? The client in hosting mode, or the dedicated server?"

Generally this depends on how long you want the server to run at a time. If you just want it running when you're playing, run the client in hosting mode, it's easier to deal with. If you're running at a LAN party, you might also want to run the client in hosting mode. But if you want to run a server that operates on the internet, reports to the master server, and runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (8 days in a leap week), then you should run the dedicated server.

"Where are the server sources?"

The server sources are the same as the client sources. You compile a server from them by giving the additional command line option '--disable-glout' to./configure.
Ricardo Harerra
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Group Moderator

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Re: Accessing and Using the BKT Client through the Console!

Post by Ricardo Harerra on Mon Aug 01, 2016 8:22 pm

I was having a few problems yesterday with the client. It kept saying Authrorization error 0xF20JJJ and kept giving a prompt saying please store your authentication ID_Pass on the Local Server.
Could you please help me, I followed all your instructions as showed above.
Thank you Fuze (a.k.a) MR.X.

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