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Tutorial: Part 1 - Basic Communication and Decision Making Skills In Halo 5

The D
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Tutorial: Part 1 - Basic Communication and Decision Making Skills In Halo 5

Post by The D on Thu Sep 08, 2016 5:29 pm

Part 1 - Basic Tips and tricks on how to improve your Communication and Decision Making Skills In Halo 5
So I thought of putting up this quick post of how to improve your Team Communication and Team Based Gameplay, this could also improve team gameplay based attributes in your Season 3 player forms/reports.
Although the tips below will be mainly based for Halo 5 but you can easily apply these principles and concepts to any other Halo.
First of all, the whole premise of Team Communication in playing objective based games compared to Slayer based games differs GREATLY. Alhtough both gametypes both require really good communication it is important to not that Objective based games are hung on key principles that surround "Timing and Strategy" where-as Slayer based games require more "speed, accuracy, power positioning"

When it comes to positioning specifically, objective based games follow whats called "direct positioning" - which mean that team mates need to attack or push on direct order, everything is precise and formations NEED to be held, if a formation is broken then the enemy team would find it much easier to infiltrate the setup.
Where as, Slayer gametypes follow something called "in-direct positioning" in other words, instead of formations and timings being PRECISE everything is FREE-Flowing, team mates don't really need to focus on WHEN they are ALLOWED to go, they do it when they feel its right to push (keeping in mind the their team mates potential spawns".

So what makes a good team mate?

  • A good team-mate is some one who is SOLEY focused on taking the win for the COLLECTIVE team.

  • Someone who is prepared to make sacrifices, during a match even though they maybe on a possible sick multi-kill, even to give favourable spawns to your team mates. 

  • Someone who is gives GOOD Supportive Spawns, Team Lines (Having most of their team mates in their line of site to help them in a tough situation)

  • Someone who is describing as well as processing information related to the specific match.

  • Someone who motivates fellow team mates despite the ongoing result (winning or loosing) 

  • Someone who is NOT afraid to give constructive critism even if your team mate is close friends with you

  • Someone who is NOT afraid to take constructive critism given to them

  • Someone who is able to adapt to change and work in high pressure situations in a sustained manner

How to communicate well to your team?

  • Call out everything you see

  • Call out everything useful you are going to do

  • If you feel like you are going SILENT in terms of communication, say everything you are watching/shooting/weapons you have picked up or rotated.

  • Call out where you are on the map, your shield status (If you are getting shot), if you know you are going to die in a battle with no cover to hide and buy your self-time, don't fucking call out to your team mates "IM ONE SHOT", because when you die your team mates will still process that deviate their focus on something they were GOING to do that was much more useful. Only call out your shield status when you know you can possibly buy some time by circling around some cover

  • Most importantly DONT COMMUNICATE BULLSHIT, there are a lot of people who communicate / call out for the sake of calling out. If you cant say some thing useful and true, then don't even open your mouth, if you don't know the LOCATIONS of the map 100% then shut your mouth and describe what you see instead, you don't want to give bullshit call outs and confuse your team mates.

Below is a video from one of our bridged gamenights, pay close attention to the plays, decision making process, call outs ect.

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Re: Tutorial: Part 1 - Basic Communication and Decision Making Skills In Halo 5

Post by Distrutt0 on Sun Sep 11, 2016 2:37 am

This was very useful thank you!!

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