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Who Do You Think Will Win The Halo 2019 Pride Championship ?

24 - 38%
10 - 16%
14 - 22%
11 - 17%
5 - 7%
Total Votes: 64
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2019 Pride Tournament (Final Championship Stages) Empty 2019 Pride Tournament (Final Championship Stages)

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2019 Pride Halo 5 FFA and 1v1 Championship
(Pre-Requisite: Members in the Championship Stages need to have progressed past the group stages and all participants need have qualified to enter
the initial tournament rounds, this qualification needs to be verified by an admin.)

Group Stages Start: March 17th Sunday 5:30PM (AEDT), 2019
Bracket List for the GROUP STAGES of the Pride Championships:

Final Championship Stages Start: April 4th Thursday 8:30PM (AEDT), 2019
Bracket List for the FINAL STAGES of the Pride Championships:

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I would like to start things off by saying we (the frequency team) are pleased and thrilled to bring back the
Pride Halo Championships after 5 years. This will be the FINAL Pride tournament to be ever hosted so with that comes a lot of interest.
Old legends from the halo community as a whole will be coming back, players such as: Sypher, Septum Z, Fiaresu, Optimus, Derezzed, Fist, Zyrex.

Now many new people may not know the significance of this tournament and so here it is in  a nutshell. Unlike the other tournaments where the prize is;
Money and Ranking points, the Pride tournament is purely on....well you guessed it "Pride".
The winner of this tournament gets inducted into the communities:

  • Hall Of Fame
  • The Title of he best Halo 5 Player for 2019 in the FHC and BKT
  • Prize Money of $10,000 for the FFA Pride Championship and $5,000 for 1v1 Lone Wolf Pride Championship (WINNER TAKES ALL)
  • Gets an option to Co-Lead the community along side the admin team with free Tournament Entrance for any competitive event in the future all of which will be funded by FreQ AvaiL and FreQ Blacknight.
  • Oh and again did I mention bragging rights!!  Wink Wink  Very Happy

Now this tournament will be a (Singles based championship)  this means there will be 2 different tournaments 2 gametypes, this will be be
Free-For-All and 1v1 based tournaments. Now the FFA Tournament has a Prize Money of $10,000 and the 1v1 Lonewolf Tournament has a
Prize Money of $5,000. Generally Pride Tournaments dont have ANY Monetary prize but for this year we made it an exception as it will be the
last pride tournament ever to be hosted.
The tournament format will be a mix of Bracket Based Standings (1v1 Championship) and Aggregrated Point Based Standings (FFA Championship)

Tournament Details:

Free-For-All Slayer (First to 25 kills, 6 players per lobby, 15 Minutes)
1v1 Lone Wolf Slayer (First to 15 kills and 12 Minute Game Duration)

Final Stage Tournament Map List:
Refuge HCS, Veil Pride HCS, Regret HCS, Plaza HCS, Eden HCS, Fathom HCS and The Rig Pride (Winter HCS Variant) 

Pride Free-For-All Championship Placing:
Below is the updated placings for the Pride Free-For-All Final Stage Placing:

 POS                      Player                                       Aggregated-Points              

 1.)                    FreQ AvaiL                                               2400                           
 2.)                 Thy Zyrex                        2396
 3.)               Xone Optimus                        2224
 4.)                 Thy Lycan                        2220
 5.)               Kara Wrecks                        1806
 6.)                 Paris West                        1802
 7.)               June Ishii Mia                        1800
 8.)           Enable "Joshua" Pain                        1670
 9.)              Ricardo.Harerra                        1601
10.)                PrZ Shadow                        1600
11.)               Neko Yoshida                        1540
12.)             Neko Shirochan                        1500
13.)                Dean Zach                        1280
14.)                   Xeaus                        1240
15.)             Demoralize PGL                         808

Pride Lone-Wolf (1v1) Championship Placing:
Below is the updated scorecard of the 1v1 Grandfinals (FreQ Invictus / FreQ Medusa):
2019 Pride Tournament (Final Championship Stages) Pride_10

Some Ground Rules:
1.) Only follow directions regarding your matches from the 2 main admins on match day, which is Myself (Dean Zach / Xone Fazed), June Ishii Mia and Yoku, if you do
    have any issues with either one of the main admins on match day feel free to report them to the community coordinator @Jestics
2.) Only start the game once the admin tells you to start, do not open any messages from anyone in the middle of the game UNLESS its from an ADMIN.
3.) ALL WEAPONS ARE ALLOWED EXCEPT Plasma pistol, Boltshot, Needler or any AUTOMATIC WEAPON
     -Primary Weapon: Pistol (H5 Default)
     -Secondary Weapon: Halo 2 Battle Rifle
5.) No Radar, when participants progress to Round 3 and ONWARD, Radar is then Re-activated for Quarter, Semi and Gran Final Stages.

Tournament Violations:

Tea-Bagging : 1st Offense - 1 Point Deduction out of a 15 kill game
Tea-Bagging : 2nd Offense - 4 Point Deduction out of a 15 kill game
Tea-Bagging: 3rd Offense -  Game Disqualification
Insulting Messages or RQ :  Game Disqualification
Game Timidity Violation : Match Disqualification

Camping: Penalty for camping generally ends up being in a game replay or game disqualification, in SEVERE cases it can result in a MATCH DISQUALIFICATION.  (Will be determined on a case by case basis but basic rule of thumb is NOT to hug or be stationery near any corner location of the map for more 30 seconds, other wise this is regarded as camping)

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June Ishii Mia
on Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:56 amJune Ishii Mia
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Official 2019 Pride Championships Standings
By: June Ishii Mia, Yoku and Heiji Namakuras
2019 Pride Tournament (Final Championship Stages) Tt10

First of all a huge thank you to all the community members and pros who attended this incredible event, this competition could not be held with out any of you, so once again a big than you from the FHC/BKT Teams. Now we have seen an incredible demonstration of skill and some amazing matches, most of which was observed on the websites Portal game viewer, which is a feature us the admins are incredibly proud to roll out along with the update of the website. We will be working on making certain adjustments to make this system even more efficient, in other words we are just getting started and I myself am glad to see this community constantly evolving!

A Huge Congratulations To The Champions!

So without further ado, i would like to say a huge congratulations to our Champions of the 2 tournaments!

Pride 2019 Lone Wolf (1v1) Champion
MLG Invictus / Wrath Of Div
"Shash Radhakrishnan"
2019 Pride Tournament (Final Championship Stages) Pride_10
Pride 2019 FFA (Free For All) Champion
FreQ AvaiL
"Zorev Vail"

2019 Pride Tournament (Final Championship Stages) Ffasta10

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June Ishii Mia
FreQ Avail
on Sat May 11, 2019 2:55 pmFreQ Avail
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Event Recap : Pride Championship 2019

I would like to start things off by saying a massive thank you to all the Tournament Admins (@June Ishii Mia | @Yoku | @valid Miller) and the Community Coordinator @Jestics who spent their time making sure this tournament went as smoothly as possible. With out these people, this tournament would be in shambles. Finally would like to thank everyone else, from the players to the representing dojos who attended this event. Have to say the PrZ France Squad and the Invictus Dojo have done particularly well, all the members from those Dojos have represented their Sub-Community with flying colours. 

Now to talk about the actual tournament and the highlights, I must say there were some absolute fire cracker matches, for me @Musa (FreQ Medusa) vs Izuna (Provoke) was one of the most beautiful displays of an Ultra Agressive playstyle going up against a Dynamic Control, at the end of all of it came down to who was more consistent in their techincal plays and accuracy.
@Musa vs @FreQ Chaos was another firecracker of a match showcasing the insanity of an Ultra Agressive vs Ultra Agresive playestyle looks like, both of these guys barely every took a step back and this clearly showed in the insanity of the clips they hit on each other. 

Finally I have to commend @Invictus who probably played one of the greatest games of any tournament in this communities history. I have no words to describe how most of us who went up against him felt. Everything I threw at him he just negated it with various high level and almost genius 1000 iQ plays which was so frustrating at times Mad but thats not to take anything away from the skill and proficiency he displayed.  Smile

Again, thankyou everyone for the spectacular matches put on display and making this final Pride Championship the Gem it turned out to be.

This championship will definitely go down as one of the best Tournament/Championships ever coordinated in this communities history.

-Zorev . V
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