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Evaluating Different Pro-Playstyles and their effectiveness

Dean Zach
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Evaluating Different Pro-Playstyles and their effectiveness

Post by Dean Zach on Tue Oct 30, 2018 7:19 pm

Evaluating Different Pro-Playstyles and their effectiveness
So after being an administrator of a few tournaments with @June Ishii Mia and @Yoku I thought it would a good idea to make a post on the different pro-player
playstyles that I have seen in the community and provide a better understanding the effectiveness of each different playstyle. Now keep in mind I cant list each
and every playstyle out there but the ones im listing on this thread here today are the most common ones I've see. 
Another reason why I decided to make this thread is because I have seen a lot of posts in regards to "Controller Sensitivity Preferences", "Favourite Halo",
"Elite Sensitivity Profiles", ect...
So its will be quite a interesting topic that I see no ones has covered yet.
So without further ado, below is the list of different Pro-Playstyles that you may run across when playing some semi-pro level players out there: 

Common Beginner / Novice Play-styles:

Timiditive Ultra Defence or Defensive Plays: 
Often describes a 1-dimensional player who will resort to engaging a close quarter combat by waiting the opponent out or rotating blindspot positions
for example hugging a corner of a rooms wall and letting the opponent come to them. This often ends in confrontations of close quarter combat battles where
the player will try to go for a sticky nade trade if loosing the battle or even if they have the accumulated the same amount of damage will still try to go for
a sticky trade play. This is often due to a lack of belief in their shooting ability. Only problem with this once they meet a higher level player, this playstyle
gets punished by simply just keeping range and or ducking under the nade or phasing through the nade. Now in order for a Ultra Defensive Playstyle to be 
considered a Timiditive Defense as well is when the player doesn't make a push if they are loosing a match by a significant margin but in their current time
they have the upper hand (either by having all power weapons or power ups like an active camo or over shield) and still not pushing your opponent. 
Often in most high level tournament matches this type of play can get penalized with a Timidity or Camping Violation.

Panic Players:
Often describes a player who can have either a very basic Aggressive or Defensive play but is heavily reactive based, this means that before engaging a battle
they fail to consider things like "escape routes if they take too much damage", "what to do next and where to position themselves next to get ready for a 2nd
battle (Team games). These type of players often just play with just sight, pay no attention to sound and are very instinctive when it comes to their plays.
They also tend to panic nade for example once they get their opponent down to 1 shot they will throw a nade at them (very foolish move) but often
is just part of their instincts. A bad habit that should be trained out of their system. Most panic players also tend to whip their scope way to much without
any CONTROL of the Whiped scope. Sometimes it they can get lucky kills or snipe headshots, but most of the time they lack consistency and end up
"Over-Whipping" (Over - Extending) their snipes or shots.

Intermediate (Semi-Pro) to High Championship Level Play-styles:

Mid-Defensive Support:
Otherwise known as a "Distraction Based Player" this is specifically a Team Based Style Profile.
These type of playstyles are a really common team based playstyle for most supportive players who are of a Semi-Pro Proficiency, players who like putting alot
of shots from opposite ends of the maps (calling out the weakend opponents to their Control/Aggressive Players to clean up their kills) and constantly have the
tendency to rotate between defensive support positions to top mid areas of the map if their control player is in the respawn phase or is slightly out of position.
These type of players often love using long rage weapons like Designated Marksman Rifles such as DMR's, Lightrifles and Battle Rifles. . .

Control Playstyles:

As the name suggest's, this playstyle is based on controlling often a particular power position of a map, where the set is based around "Top Mid Control".

In a set formation control players are often identified by the number in the middle of the set notation:
For example; when some one calls for a 1:2:1 set, the middle number shows the emphasis on how much attention the team should place in their control.
The higher number the more emphasis on controlling that particular SET POSITION
The set notation's format follows as below:
Defenders (Homebase) : Control (Top-Mid / Power Position) : Attackers (Opponents Base / Side)

Now within the control playstyles there are different control constructs:

  • Control Defensive - A person who likes to control the map (balanced player position) but has a slight emphasis on being a little defensive.
  • Control Dynamic - A person who likes control the map (balanced player position) but likes to rotate between being defensive and offensive.
  • Control Aggressive - A person who likes to control the map (balanced player position) but likes to have a slight emphasis on being a little aggressive. 


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