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2018 FreQ Championships Dubai - Info Week (LAN and ONLINE Bouts)

FreQ Avail
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2018 FreQ Championships Dubai - Info Week (LAN and ONLINE Bouts)

Post by FreQ Avail on Mon Oct 08, 2018 6:49 pm

Hey guys its been 2 years since the last Tournament of the FreQ's which was just phenomenal as mentioned in my Post-Tournament Recap. 
For this year as there  have been many great changes regarding how the Community operates and the overall spike in the communities activity through the help of Dojo Sessions hosted by the following community directors: @Yoku , June Mia, PrZ  & Xone Divisions we have not only boosted community engagement but also brought in new talent.
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2018 FreQ World Championships

Halo 1  | Halo 2 | Halo 3 | Halo 4  | Halo 5

2018 Halo FreQ World Championships 

Details of the Tournament
So this tournament will be commencing (December 1st 2018) and in order to participate in the the Tournament all participants must have successfully passed the 2018 FreQ Qualifiers 
that was held (August 18th to September 20th, 2018). Members who havent successfully qualified and verified will NOT be able to participate in the 
2018 FreQ World Championships. Just like last years tournament all members have quite a significant time frame to prepare for the tournament. 

Now the 2018 FWC's are going to be split up in 4 different Tournaments with their separate Prize Pools, these tournaments are as follows:

Venue of the Tournament (LAN)
Below are the details of the tournaments venue specially when it comes to the the LAN Stages of the bracket (Championship Rounds)
Atlantis, The Palm, Crescent Rd , Dubai 
December 01, 2018, 05:17 PM AEDT

More Details Will Be Private Messaged To All Registered Teams Inboxes...
Team Based (4 vs 4 and 5 vs 5): Championship / Tournaments 

Tournament Of The FreQ's World (4 v.s 4)  HALO 5 Championships:

  • For More Information Players will need to check in on the day and or the INFO WEEK (CHECK CALENDAR FOR MORE INFORMATION) , its also highly  recommended to add ATLEAST one of the following admins on the day: Hype Namakura, Yoku, June Mia or BadKittyCosplay.
  • No Teabagging Excessively ( Each player of the a team is allowed a maximum of 2 Teabags until they get a Code of Conduct Violation)
  • More than 3 Code of Conduct Violations will result in an instant Disqualification of the teams match and even series. 
  • Match Violation via camping is when a player stands still (sound hogs) and or (hides) for more than 45 seconds in a small area segment.
  • Match Violations by timidity is when a player who is loosing (BY A HUGE MARGIN) decides to have a playstyle thats ULTRAPASSIVE just to either not

         provide his/hers opponent with the full 15/25 kill conclusion and or willingly doesnt show any drive to comeback from their current inplay situation
         (Giving up )

Game Type:

  • Slayer, Strong-Holds, Capture the Flag (CTF) , configured to the above settings and titled "2018 FreQ Championship", gametype availiable on FreQ AvaiL's Halo 5 Shared files.


  • 32 Team Knockout Qualifiers- Truth, Plaza and Collesium 
  • 1st Round (Qualifiers)- Eden, Empire and Truth
  • 2nd Round (Post Qualifiers) - Tyrant, The Rig, Collesium
  • 3rd Round ( Pre-lims ) - Tyrant, Plaza, Collesium 
  • 3rd Round (Championship Rounds)  -  Fathom, Plaza, Collesium
  • Quarter Finals (Championship Rounds) - The Rig, Plaza, Collesium
  • Semi Finals (Championship Rounds) -  Truth, The Rig, Collesium, Plaza, Whitecell 
  • Finals (Championship Rounds) - Truth, The Rig, Eden, Collesium, Plaza, Fathom 

Tournament Of The FreQ's World (5v5) Championships:

  • 1st to 50 Kills ( With 2 Minutes Extra Time)
  • Time Limit - 20 Minutes
  • Players will need to check in on the day, and add at least one of the following admins on the day: Hype Namakura or BadKittyCosplay

Game Type:

  • Slayer, Strong-Holds, Capture the Flag (CTF) , configured to the above settings and titled "5v5 Championship"


  • First Round - TBA
  • Second Round - TBA
  • Third Round - TBA
  • Fourth Round - TBA
  • Fifth Round - /TBA/
  • Quarter Finals - TBA
  • Semi Finals -  TBA
  • Finals - TBA
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Re: 2018 FreQ Championships Dubai - Info Week (LAN and ONLINE Bouts)

Post by Emir on Mon Dec 17, 2018 7:06 am

So just to confirm this is strictly h5, ho the annual report will be predominantly based on Halo 5 or will
my improvement in other halos show in the Skill Based AGR page. Cause I have improve a lot on the classical halos as opposed to the modern halos.

    Current date/time is Sat Jan 19, 2019 4:26 am