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Dean Zach's Team Selection Night

Dean Zach
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--------- A Top 250 Player ---------

Aquarius Dog
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Dean Zach's Team Selection Night

Post by Dean Zach on Mon Aug 13, 2018 3:23 am

Hey guys,
So During and Since after the last Doubles and FFA Tournament that was held, I have had a variety of teams contact me for a place in their FINAL team for the
2018 FreQuency Halo Championships Run. So I thought of holding a 3 day scrim night for the teams that are interested in me, and perhaps this would help me make a more clear decision, I will be able to play with all the teams interested in a round robin like format, testing how each player and their playstyles mix with my setplay. Main things im looking for is a team that can do the following:

  • Plan and Execute Opposite Locks with a Supportive Control on the spot.
  • Communicate, short and succinct call outs.
  • Communicate, CLEARLY in terms of practiced sets
  • Can do the 3 basic setplays with in a squad: (2-1-2 Control || 2-1-2 Split || Elevative Sets)
  • Can show me ATLEAST 1 Unique Setplays using the ABOVE 3 Basic Set Formats
  • Team Members with (and this is crucial) A GOOD ATTITUDE.

See you guys tommorow!
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--------- A Top 250 Player ---------

Pisces Rooster
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Re: Dean Zach's Team Selection Night

Post by Rize on Mon Aug 13, 2018 3:25 am

Very Happy
PrZ Shadow
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--------- A Top 250 Player ---------

Sagittarius Cat
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Re: Dean Zach's Team Selection Night

Post by PrZ Shadow on Mon Aug 13, 2018 3:42 am

Hope you finally decide what team you will be in haha
Lots of good players want you

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Re: Dean Zach's Team Selection Night

Post by Sponsored content

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