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2018 Xone Halo 5 FFA Tournament

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--------- A Top 250 Player ---------

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2018 Xone Halo 5 FFA Tournament

Post by Yoku on Mon Aug 06, 2018 12:39 am

2018 Xone and BKT H5 Free For All Tournament Standings

Hi guys, this is the group standings for the 2018 Xone Halo 5 FFA (Free-For-All) Tournament, all of the scores reflected here are based on an Aggregated (AGR) 
Point Based System that will take into account a variety of things from how many games players win in and out of their 10 matches, by how much (ect; 2.0+ K.D)
spread and their overall standing per each set of a game. Each match will hold approximately 6-8 players depending on the size of the map and its weapon base. The set of maps that were used in the FFA Tournament were: Refuge, Tyrant, Truth, Plaza, Eden and The Rig

So without further ado below are the standings for the TOP 20 people who will be progressing PAST the Group Stage and into the Final Stage: 

         Tournament Participant                  Aggregated Score (AGR) Points      
                      Thy Lycan1460
                      FreQ Avail1289
FreQ Chaos1286
                The One Above All1005
                   THF Kenshin777
               FreQ June Ishii Mia746
                   FreQ Prodigy724
                   PrZ  Shadow669
                   Sparse Knot552
                    Paris West524
                   TnX  Fuzion506
                  NeKo Yoshida504
               NeKo Shero Chan502
                   Dean Zach479
The next post on this thread will be the results for the Final stage...
Xone aVant
Xone aVant
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-----Intermediate Forum Poster-----

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Re: 2018 Xone Halo 5 FFA Tournament

Post by Xone aVant on Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:51 pm

Since the client is down for the finals, Me and Badkittycosplay will be streaming the Finals for everyone to see now on Twitch and Hype Namakura will be streaming a few other matches on the the XBOX Mixer application. 
Below is my Twitch Link:
--------- A Top 250 Player ---------
--------- A Top 250 Player ---------

Posts : 78
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Post by Yoku on Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:42 am

2018 FFA Tournament Results!
So guys, I know some of you have been anxiously waiting for the 2018 FFA Tournament Results so without further ado....
I have also put the prize money of each individual who made it to the top 20 stage.
Here it is:

Participant / Player Final AGR Tournament Score                 Tournament Winnings               
FreQ AvaiL                   2680                      $25,000 - 
           Xaye                   2642                           $10,000
       Thy Lycan                   2641                              $5,000
  The One Above All                   2640                              $2,500
       FreQ Chaos                   2300                              $1,000
 FreQ June Ishii Mia                   2255 $250 + 3 Years Of Xbox Live + 5000vBucks 
      FreQ Prodigy                   2173 $250 + 3 Years Of Xbox Live + 1000vBucks 
          Kenshin                   2004             $250 + 3 Years Of Xbox Live
       PrZ Shadow                   2002             $200 + 2 Years Of Xbox Live
      NeKo Yoshida                   2000              $150 + 1 Year Of Xbox Live
         ZeerZaar                   1699                               $100
       Sparseknot                   1555                               $100
         Mhoroko                   1423                               $100
       Paris  West                   1209                                $100
   NeKo Shero Chan                   1200                                $100
         Lazzete                   1007                                $100
       Dean Zach                   1000                                $100
       TnX Fuzion                   -808-                                $100
        Roiyobee                   -630-                                $100
      -Champism-                   -499-                                 $50
Congratulations to everyone who took part in the tournament and specially the finalists, hope you had an amazing time. 
For Now.... See you on the battlefield Spartans!

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Re: 2018 Xone Halo 5 FFA Tournament

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