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Dojo Lists' for the FHC (Sub-communities)

Xone Fazed
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Aquarius Dog
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Dojo Lists' for the FHC (Sub-communities)

Post by Xone Fazed on Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:04 pm

Hi Guys and Gurls!
Could some one post a list of all the Subdivisions/Subcommunties (DOJOS) that are in the FreQuency Halo Communities and how to join/organize gamenights with them. For example how many members are in each dojo, who is the leader of that subcommunity (ect...)
Currently I myself don't know what subcommunity / dojo im in. 
Just trying to get a better idea thats all and I also think this thread will be usefull for alot of newbies in the community as well.

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Pisces Rooster
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List of Dojo's within the FreQuency Halo Community (Sub-communities)

Post by Rize on Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:34 pm

List of Dojo's within the FreQuency Halo Community (Sub-communities)
Hey there Dean, First of all I want to say welcome to the community, I believe you were friends with Horraf and he has passed that account down to you, so in 
saying that you can join the sub-community he was in which is Xone Halo. But from seeing who you typically play with it (which is ALOT of us hahah) it would be
hard to determine which subcommunity you are ACTUALLY in, but im sure any Dojo would love due to how you performed in your first tournament which for thata huge Congratulations!

But back on to topic, below I have posted the different subcommunities/Dojos and how many members are in it, now the activity of said numbers may be another
thing i need to clarify with the leaders of those Dojos but this is the best I could do with the time I had.

FreQuency Dojo / Sub-Community List:

                       Xone Dojo                                                -- 235 Members --                                  
                       AOD Dojo                                -- 180 Members --
                    Academy Dojo                               -- 100 Members -- 
                  FreQ Japan Dojo                                -- 86 Members -- 
                  Yokujection Dojo                               -- 80 Members --
       FreQ France (PrZ Division) Dojo                               -- 64 Members --
             Advanced Heretics Dojo                               -- 50 Members --
                  FreQ UK Dojo                               -- 30 Members --
                  Invictus Dojo                               -- 24 Members --
                End Of Line Dojo                               -- 20 Members --
               The Krakens Dojo                               -- 12 Members --
                       CyP Dojo                               --- 8 Members --- 

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