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Halo 2 button combo list - 2 Empty Halo 2 button combo list - 2

on Sat Aug 26, 2017 1:10 pm
Button combo explanation and tutorials, the same as that on the first combo list. - for those who might be confused, until adequete demonstration videos can be put in, you will have to use your heads, to put the pieces together, to perform these multi sequence combos.

Multi sequence combos

Double melee while you [(BR clip is full) have a secondary weapon], then moving into a insta kill then into a dub shot and finishing with a Mid clip BXR to complete the sequence. –
{BXB-Y-(BXR-RRX)}- RRBX = (Melee-Reload-Melee)-Y-(Melee-Reload-Shoot)-(Shoot-Shoot-Reload)-(Shoot-Shoot-Melee-Reload)

Double melee with full BR clip, hitting the second X for the melee block, then moving into the BXR straight away for the insta kill. - {BXB-(XBXR)} = (Melee-Reload-Melee-Reload-Melee-Reload-Shoot)

Double melee with a full BR clip, using your secondary weapon, then press Y and switch to your BR, and proceed with a BXR and finish on a singular Dub shot out, to complete the sequence. - {BXB-Y-(BXR-RRX)} = (Melee-Reload-Melee)-(Melee-Reload-Shoot)-(Shoot-Shoot-Reload)

Start combo sequence of by having a few rounds out of your BR clip and hitting a Midclip BXR, then moving onto a Double series Quadshot, to end the combo sequence of
-(RRBX-RRX-YY-RRX-YY-RRX)- (Shoot-Shoot-Melee-Reload)- (Shoot-Shoot-Reload-YY- Shoot-Shoot-Reload)-YY- (Shoot-Shoot-Reload) - rinse and repeat as needed.

Begin with a BXR then move into a singular Midclip BXR straight afterwards, and to finish of the combo sequence move into a reverse XSV out, completing the sequence.-(BXR-RRBX-(RRX-BXR-RRX-BXR)

Begin combo sequence with a Quadshot in, followed by a singular BXR and to finish of the sequence followed by a Quadshot out. -(RRX-YY-RRX-BXR-RRX-YY-RRX) – rinse and repeat as needed.

To begin this combo sequence first start with a (Forward XSV in) followed by in quick succession by a Insta kill, then a double melee and a Midclip BXR and to complete the sequence finish of with a forward XSV out to end the combo.- (BXR-RRX-BXR-RRX)-(BXR-BXB-RRBX)-BXR-RRX-BXR-RRX)

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