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Halo 2 Button combo list - 1

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Halo 2 Button combo list - 1

Post by FEARtestITSELF on Sat Aug 26, 2017 4:51 am

Here is a list of button combos for use in H2C and H2 vista for those who play h2 on pc, there is also a demonstration link below to help with the button combos, for H2c, additional guides will come along soon.

Button combo tutorials explained. - Click on the link on the left.

H2c combos

Insta kill -BXR = (Melee-Reload-Shoot)

Insta kill into a Dub Shot -{BXR-(RRX)} = {(melee-Reload-Shoot-)Shoot-shoot-Reload}

Double Melee -BXB = (Melee-Reload-Melee)

Short Melee while clip is full moving into a Insta Kill-BX-(BXR) = (Melee-Reload-Melee-Reload-Shoot)

Double shot-RRX = (Shoot-Shoot-Reload)

Quadshot – (RRX-YY-RRX) = (Shoot-Shoot-Reload-(Weapon Switch 2)- Shoot-Shoot-Reload)

Midclip BXR - RRBX = (Shoot-Shoot-Melee-Reload)

Reverse - XSV-(RRX-BXR-RRX-BXR) ={ (Shoot-Shoot-Reload)- (Melee-Reload-Shoot)} - (Shoot-Shoot-Reload)- (Melee-Reload-Shoot)}

Forward XSV -  (BXR-RRX-BXR-RRX) = (Melee-Reload-Shoot)-(Shoot-Shoot-Reload)- (Melee-Reload-Shoot)-(Shoot-Shoot-Reload)

Grenade Reload – Throw grenade and hit reload = (LT-X)

Continuous BXR - have a BR with only the ammo in your current magazine, and hit (Melee-Reload-Shoot) over and over again, to have a non stop bxr, its not practical but can be useful in a tight situation - note- you must have no spare ammo left to perform the combo over and over.

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