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Halo 5 BXR button combo.

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Halo 5 BXR button combo.

Post by FEARtestITSELF on Sun Jul 17, 2016 4:41 am

This is a semi tutorial ie there isn't a video with this post until, a FreQ or master Knight posts one relating to it.

For those who want to learn the halo 5 BXR button combo here it is, the Red one is the beta version and no longer works, and the green one is for the game that a lot of us play, and works all the time as long as you pull it off successfully.

Halo 5 BXR = B+X+(Y+R) – holding the Y and the R. at the same time. = Beta version doesn’t work.  

Halo 5 BXR for the game combo continued = Halo —YBY+RB+LT+BY+D1+RT+LB+B === the time required to do the halo 5 BXR is 1.5 seconds so good luck and practice all you want to. Example, Switch weapon+Reload+Switch weapon+Melee+Throw Grenade+{Reload+Switch weapon}+Up on the D-pad+Shoot+Melee+Reload

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