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Gamenight Activity #901 - Hosted by FreQ|AvaiL (Activity Ended: 5th of August <11:59PM> AEST)

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BKTGamenight #904 - Event Recap

Xone Fazed
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--------- A Top 250 Player ---------

Aquarius Dog
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BKTGamenight #904 - Event Recap

Post by Xone Fazed on Sat Nov 26, 2016 2:55 pm

BKT904 - Event Recap from 24th - 25th of November 2016
Attendance: 146 members/880 (Low Attendance)
Community Groups: 18 groups hosted activities
Types of activities hosted:

  • Halo 5 Octagon - 1 Group
  • Halo 5 FFA Snipes - 8 Groups
  • Halo 5 Anniversary Playlist Activities - 4 Groups
  • Halo 2 Classic FFA Snipes - 5 Groups

Complaints / Reports:

  • Roiyobee (12 Complaints)
  • Jason Dill  (4 Complaints)
  • EoZ Snipez (2 Complaints)
  • Ardonodis (2 Complaints)
  • Katalyst (1 Complaint)

Overall Summary of the Community Session:
This was a very small and casual community session, with every one preparing for the Tournament of the FreQ's it is understandable why most people did not show up. Technically this gamenight was not a particularly planned like previous 
community events. None the less, I would like to thank every one who attended and most of all, every one who hosted these
activities in the first place. All the admins here appreciate you guys taking the time out of your day to host these activities.
The next gamenight will happen after the December 1st tournament and will be a lot bigger and better organized.
Great Stuff Guys!
Xone Eoz
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-----New Forum Poster-----

Sagittarius Rat
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Re: BKTGamenight #904 - Event Recap

Post by Xone Eoz on Mon Nov 28, 2016 4:15 pm

I had 2 complaints??? From who, because thats bullshit. Could I please tell who sent these, and what did "I" do wrong. By the way gamenight was cool, was with beau most of the time, but did have a few games with shadow, seirraUKF and Hype Namakura. I am looking forward for the BKT but if we could something big and DIFFERENT for BKT905, much like the old days where we do H3 CTF on Narrows.
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