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Make Up Tutorial Session - Team Communication Empty Make Up Tutorial Session - Team Communication

on Fri Nov 11, 2016 3:02 pm
This is a Make up Team Communication Session hosted by me.
Tutorial Session - "Team Communication" - FreQ Dojo
This activity is hosted to improve community members Team Communication in Halo 5, it will go from for an entire 2 day's with me @Sparseknot taking turns explaining what it takes to be a good team player.

Things that will be covered during this FreQuency Dojo Training Session:

  • Communication - Basic Callouts
  • Communication - Advanced Callouts
  • Communication - Set pieces
  • Communication - Rotational Set pieces
  • Communication - Calling out a change to a Set
  • Communication - How to prepare your team to setup for a Power Weapon or Power Up
  • Communication - Keeping Team Moral Up
  • Communication - Bait and Switch (Double Tier)
  • Communication - Bait and Switch (Triple Tier)
  • Communication - Bait and Switch (Team Takedown) //Very Advanced (will have a FreQ to help us explain this concept)
  • Communication - Death Cam Descriptions Basics 
  • Communication - Death Cam Description Advanced
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